Terms & Conditions

Upon submitting your application to our [Data Science Excellence Fellowship] program (the “Program”) you hereby acknowledge and confirm that you have read all of the provisions stated below, and provide your explicit consent to the terms and conditions set forth herein (the “Consent”). 

[ Pagaya Technologies LTD
],[Company number 515421279], [Menachem begin 121 tel aviv], [03-7150900] (“Pagaya”) will process (e.g. collect, use, store, and share) your personal data in accordance with this Consent and applicable legal requirements (“Personal Data”). The process of such data shall be made within Pagaya’s systems and by the relevant personal of its Human Resource and related departments. Your Consent is voluntary and although such Consent may be necessary to allow Pagaya to consider your participation in the Program (which cannot be achieved without the collection and processing of your Personal Data)  it is not legally required of you to provide such information. 

Personal Data collected would consist of  your name, contact details, data regarding your academic education and achievements as well as other related information.  You agree to provide only such information that you are authorized to allow Pagaya to use in accordance with these terms, and you further confirm that such information is genuinely related to you, all true and correct and does not include any misleading or impersonation data.

Purpose of processing your Personal Data would be to consider your participation in the Program and/or any other similar activities that Pagaya and/or its affiliates may deem relevant to you; Pagaya and its affiliate may also provide you with Program’s related information and/or relevant future offering. 

Your Rights regarding your Personal Data: Pagaya will allow you to review and update your Personal Data retained by it as required by applicable law, including as required by Israeli law. You have the right to delete your Personal Data or restrict its processing.  To the extent permitted by law, Pagaya may postpone or deny your request if your Personal Data is in current use for the purposes for which it was collected or for other legitimate purposes such as compliance with legal obligations or as otherwise provided by law. 

Pagaya also use tracking tools like browser cookies and web beacons.

Pagaya will take data security measures to adequately protect your Personal Data in accordance with applicable law.  

Pagaya is strive to be an equal opportunity employer in all aspects of employment including hiring, training, evaluating performance, administering compensation and benefits, in compliance with the applicable law. It is Pagaya’s policy to allow equal employment opportunities for all qualified individuals without regard to race, gender, sexual orientation, color, religion, age, disability, family status, pregnancy or similar individual conditions. This applies to both Pagaya’s employees and applicants for employment with Pagaya including with respect to the Program. 

Pagaya appreciates the time and effort you have invested in this application process; however, you acknowledge that it cannot be guaranteed that you or any individual shall be accepted and allowed to participate in the Program and/or that the Program shall actually take place and/or fulfilled. 

Your participation in the Program shall be subject to your further explicit consent to the full terms of the Program, as such may be posted or provided to you in due time. Pagaya reserves the right to make any modifications to the Program’s terms and/or to suspend and/or cancel all or any part of the Program, at any time. 

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