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Pagaya’s Tel Aviv offices


Pagaya Pro is fast-tracking your path into a career in data science!
In just 14 short weeks, for which you will be paid, you’ll learn all of the tools and techniques you need to work alongside world-class technology teams and solve real-world data analytics problems.

When it comes to specializing in data science, attention to detail is key. We hand-pick the best and brightest, most promising and experienced applicants into the program, following a rigorous selection process.

Our algorithm for success will have you learning alongside the best of the best, developing lasting relationships with mentors and colleagues in the field, and working with Pagaya’s expert teams to tackle and solve real  business challenges in today’s pipeline.

You’ve framed the problem: you’re ready to transition your career into data science. Pagaya Pro will set you up for success with our model for guided, individual learning, and pay you as you learn!


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Essential skills for cracking the code

How your data is PROCESSED

Our admissions committee conducts a preliminary review of your application

We’ll ask you to sit down for a technical exam

If we think you might be a good fit, we’ll invite you in for professional/personal interviews

Pagaya gets you a foot in the door, without you having to get up out of your chair; Our qualified graduates can join Pagaya’s data science team, as soon as completing the course.

Ready to crack the code on

a new career in data science?

Ready to crack the code on a new career in data science?

Apply to make the switch to data science with Pagaya!

If we think you have what it takes, you can find yourself working alongside some of the world’s best research teams!

The registration for the current program has alraedy ended.
Feel free to leave your info and we will keep you posted on any updates regarding future training programs at Pagaya.

Hope to see you on our next one!

What you’ll learn

Our syllabus is the strength training you need, to carry your weight in your new career in data science. Pagaya’s program provides you with the practical and theoretical tools you need to process, analyze, and make smart predictions when working with big data and other cutting-edge data science technologies.


OOP in Python + computing fundamentals + Probability and statistics fundamentals

WEEK 1-2

Introduction to data science and technical onboarding


Advanced data-science tools in Python and Statistical modeling

WEEK 4-5

Statistical modeling

WEEK 6-7

Into to AI and machine learning


Advanced methods in data analysis

WEEK 9-10

Big data

WEEK 10-12

Advanced topics in supervised and unsupervised learning

WEEK 13-14

Final projects


The combination of high-level courses and mentorships from Pagaya’s leading data scientists will ideally position you to crack the code on data science and make a life changing career change.

Participants will work on real-world problems, learning both theory and applications of some of the industry’s most cutting-edge technologies. Because we only accept top-tier applicants into the program following a rigorous selection process, you’ll be learning alongside the best of the best. This allows us to really push the envelope in terms of the level of challenges you and your colleagues will face during the training so that once you successfully complete the program, qualified applicants will have the chance to join Pagaya’s team as a data scientist.

All of our mentors are highly experienced data scientists from Pagaya’s own research department ( one of the best and largest in the country). All Pagaya mentors possess advanced degrees in exact sciences, but more importantly have deep knowledge and understanding of the subject matter you’ll be working with.

When you join the Pagaya program, you’ll learn industry-relevant knowledge on machine learning and statistics. Just as importantly, you will gain valuable experience in handling and managing complex research problems, end-to-end, from initial data processing through to constructing a full, working apparatus capable of making impactful business predictions.

Yes! The main goal of Pagaya Pro is to help you with  fundamental knowledge that can help you build a data scientist career, including crucial tools and techniques that will distinguish you within your field.

The program aims to strike a balance between theoretical and practical application but will be weighted toward application-oriented learning. We believe that a strong data scientist is one who fundamentally understands the methods applied, and we will invest a good portion of the program discussing and understanding the theoretical side of data science, and will boost this knowledge with a series of mentor-guided projects that will allow you to apply the theoretical through hands-on experience. Moreover, a large portion of the program is dedicated to the end-to-end implementation of your own final project, from setting up your git repository through data processing and up to making predictions and validating your final product, in a real-world context.

Our rigorous selection process ensures the class consists of passionate coders and machine learning, and artificial intelligence aficionados looking to make the switch to a career in data science, just like you.  

Before you can crack the code, you have to conform to its rules to get to know it, inside and out. As such, the program is rigorous and full-day in nature, running daily, Sunday to Thursday from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. at Pagaya’s office in the Azrieli Sarona Tower in Tel Aviv. We want to make sure you take full advantage of this opportunity, and we know that this can happen outside of regular working hours, whether that is learning  from your mentors, or simply hanging out with Pagaya’s employees. We won’t send you packing.

You bring yourself, and we’ll supply everything else, including your own dedicated, fully-equipped MacBook and access to Amazon’s cloud computing services.

If you have a solid knowledge of coding and familiarity with Python and its scientific packages (e.g. Numpy and Pandas), you’re good to go. Additional knowledge in machine learning and deep learning will prove useful as well and can be gained via a variety of free online courses available through Coursera or YouTube.

All of the program’s written material is provided in English, but most of the lectures will be given in Hebrew. Currently, the program is not suitable for non-Hebrew speakers.

Pagaya uses smart, AI-based models to make informed predictions in various fields related to capital management, such as loans, real estate, and insurance. As such, we take our research very seriously, and our research department is at the very center of our business and operational decisions. Data scientists at Pagaya handle a wide variety of subjects, ranging from primary data collection and analysis to model development and enhancement to validation and review of our end products. Researchers work at a fast pace and in constant coordination with our operations and business teams to provide solutions wherever they are needed. Pagaya provides data scientists with an exciting opportunity to work with one of the country’s largest research departments and make a significant impact at one of the world’s leading FinTech companies.




Pagaya is a financial technology company working to reshape the lending marketplace by using machine learning, big data analytics, and sophisticated AI-driven credit analysis technology.

Pagaya was built to provide a comprehensive solution to enable the credit industry to deliver their customers a positive experience while simultaneously enhancing the broader credit ecosystem. Its proprietary API seamlessly integrates into its next-gen infrastructure network of partners to deliver a premium customer user experience and greater access to credit.


At Pagaya, we understand that our employees are the company’s most important asset, and we invest in their quality of life and well-being accordingly. Our research is fast-paced and challenging, but is also highly rewarding. We work hard to ensure our working environment is relaxed, collegial, and fun.



The registration for the current program has alraedy ended.
Feel free to leave your info and we will keep you posted on any updates regarding future training programs at Pagaya.

Hope to see you on our next one!

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